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June 02, 2009



Success of your business does rely on how you lead it. As an owner, you should know how to motivate you co-workers so that they could each of their position for the success of the company.


I like you comment alanine, we must love our business and money will just follow.

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I just love your post and the quoted phrases. Its very inspiring.

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I love that I keep hearing the phrase purpose and passion. I just was on purposemeetspassion.com

It goes along with the spiritual theme of follow your joy, follow you bliss, it is your compass point north.

Spreadin the word! beautiful


I had two computers both connected to a wireless router. Yesterday I connected a third computer to the network and, although the connection goes through for this new computer, one of the original computers now says "Limited or no connectivity" and cannot connect to the Internet. Is it possible that the new computer is using up too much bandwidth and is therefore preventing the other computer from accessing the Internet?

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I'm opening an office shortly in Bratislava in the Slovak republic and
preparatory to meeting a lawyer there to give me more information on
this question, I'm looking for a short primer in English to the law
about employing people there. The things I'm interested in are such
things as a) Taxes and Insurance -what taxes and insurance is payable
by the employer and the employee at the different salary levels, who
are they payable to, when are they payable and so on, b) Pension
contributions - what compulsory pension contributions are there, what
options exist for employer funded pensions and so on, c) Working rules
- what are the rules about ehen people can work, how they work and so
on. Plus anything else you think is useful...


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Beta Alanine

Passion in every you do, can make everything successful especially when you run a business. Love what you do, and it's a 10 folds back to you. You can never be successful if the only driven force you have is to gain money. You should also inspired with what you do and whom you are working with because a positive attitudes can lead to a beautiful environment.

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