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May 31, 2009



Ray Ban glasses always appear to be in the spotlight. Whether receiving awards of nominations, it’s not often we don’t see ray ban sunglasses in the news. At times we wonder whether brands such as Ray Ban glasses will continue their dominance. This article is on upcoming competitors. It seems like individuals and the media can’t stop discussing upcoming Ray Ban glasses collections. Last week two respected companies agreed to partner to brand the famous brands Hickey Freeman and Monarchy. The partnership allows the company the chance to make the brands’ frames collections worldwide.

Also, more reporters can’t seem to stop talking about these Ray Ban glasses rivals. To end the article regarding Ray Ban glasses rival updates, Marchon Eyewear agreed to collaborate with a strong replacement lenses brand. Marchon has been a rival of Ray Ban glasses for many years. This collection has received a great amount of hype. The glasses seem to be revered for their apparently great fit. The collection looks beautiful. You will be able to find these Ray Ban glasses rival lenses at select stores, certain retailers and top eyewear shops worldwide.

To end the article, last month Marcolin Group and Diesel, two well regarded designer eyeglasses companies agreed to work with one another for the next few years. The first Ray Ban glasses rival collection is scheduled for fall of the upcoming year. The glasses will be available at select optical outlets, Diesel stores, and large retailers. Stay tuned for more updates on Ray Ban glasses.



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