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June 03, 2008


Learning german

If anyone here truly feels fiat currency is worthless then feel free to give me all your money.

celebrity oops

Nothing in world in equal.

Beth Evans

I recently attended the 2008 Portland Communicators Conference with the theme "From Typewriter to iPhone: Being Heard by Multiple Generations." I came out of that event enlightened - yes, I am a millennial. I value diversity and altruistic work. I'm optimistic; I'm good with technology. However, I don't think many people would call me lazy, and I don't think I can do my boss's job.

I think some of this comes from a gap between public relations educators and employers. Some of my professors give the impression that anyone who graduates from our top-five program will get their dream job no problem, which I've discovered through my networking and job hunting is definitely not the case. Any public relations job is very difficult to get.

Ed Cafasso

I am delighted to see the discussion that my Strategist article has provoked! I admit, as the son of a blue-collar factory worker, I tend to favor folks who understand the risks and rewards of a meritocracy. Perhaps that POV bled through into the article, but the piece was really designed to reflect the real-time concerns I had been hearing from HR professionals, recruiters, and that, unfortunately, I had witnessed firsthand as a Managing Director. I tried hard not to use a broadbrush... It's not all millenials; it's just too many! Our profession works hard to isolate as exceptions those who cast the majority in an unfavorable light (Scott McClellan being only the latest example). In that respect, it's great to see millenials (and their mentors) offer themselves as the rule.


Steve, couldn't agree more. Sarah, Lexi and the other students who joined us at Counselors Academy are welcome additions to our profession. I look forward to seeing the what their future holds.

Mike Santoro

I love how Snoozer Boozer isn't interested. It's this exact reaction that gets all the "Millenials are lazy" articles written in the first place. It's more exciting to call out a specific group for a flaw than to praise people for doing an outstanding job.

Whenever I hear "Insert generation here" is the laziest, most self centered, etc... generation ever, I skip over it. Every generation thinks ill of the ones coming after it. Go back and read HR articles about new people coming into the workforce during each of the past decades. They all have the same opinions, "These people are self centered, the don't have the hard work ethic of our generation, they require constant attention, etc..."

So are millenials lazy and self centered? Sure, some of them are. But for all the bad eggs, there are equal numbers of talented hard workers, just like in the generations that came before them.

Snoozer Boozer

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz... wake me when you blog about something interesting... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz...


I agree. As a college student, I see different levels of dedication to education and advancement of careers in public relations.

I am a involved in PRSSA, our student-run public relations firm, and am the public relations chairperson for the student government. I am also interning with my school's PR department and regularly blog about public relations. I feel that all of this is necessary if I want to be ready to start working in PR when I graduate.

Some of my peers are happy to just sign their major. Some don't join PRSSA or even get involved if they do. I think it is riduiculous to expect to get a job just because you have a degree. I don't think employers care that you went to college - they care about what you did while you were there.

I don't expect things to be handed to me. I know I'm young and I don't know everything. But I do have a different perspective and I expect to at least be given a chance.

I hope others realize, as you have, that millennials are not created equal.

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